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Jolen New York


Jolen New York exists in this world to unfold the care of skincare, helping women become better versions of themselves and this is how we define our Brand Purpose, bigger than just selling skincare products.

So, how do we put this “Brand Purpose” into action?

At Jolen New York, we used an approach to unfold the word “CARE” of “SKINCARE” into four words – Craft – AdmireRecoupExpel. And then brought them together with a few more words, giving us a Brand Mission – “We craft to admire the beauty within, recoup from the chaos, and expel the undesired.”

Based on this “unfold the care” approach and acting on our brand mission, we created three separate collections – Admire, Recoup, and Expel – within which we craft both products and campaigns, resulting in a holistic women empowerment portfolio. We make one appreciate the beauty of the inner self with Admire, regain what is lost in chaotic situations with Recoup, and get rid of anything that is not required with Expel.

Thereby, we put our purpose into action and assist women in becoming better versions of themselves. And to begin with, we unfold the care of skincare.