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The definition of beauty hasn’t changed over time, but it has evolved in the most realistic fashion. Likewise, the Jolen Group has also very much ‘beautifully evolved’ – over the last 70 years. With this rich legacy, Jolen Group has been devoted to the promise of making women feel confident, beautiful, and graceful in their skincare journey. And it continues to do so…

Research and Innovation

All products at Jolen Group are carefully developed by Evelyn Kossak Laboratories, USA – a research and innovation division of the group. Multiple factories around the world manufacture Jolen products under the supervision of our lab experts and professionals to meet the needs of all skin types.

Jolen Group in India

Jolen Group has expanded to more than 35 countries across the globe with multiple distribution channels. After decades of our presence in India via licensed partners, Jolen Group is now rapidly expanding on its own in India with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Jolen Derma Science Pvt. Ltd., and is headquartered in Delhi, NCR.

Founders of Jolen

It was in the year 1947, founders John and Evelyn Kossak invented the formula for facial bleach, and soon it became one of the world’s biggest beauty revelations. But it was the urge of 27 year old Evelyn Kossak to create a product that could get rid of unwanted facial hair that inspired her to develop and co-create the product with her husband, John Kossak.

A chemical engineer by profession, John concocted the formula of the Creme Bleach in their tiny fold-out closet kitchen in a studio apartment in Chelsea, New York City. While living in Boston in 1958, Evelyn took the first step by taking the item to Filene’s Department Store. With the challenge to sell the bleach on the floor, and if it sold, they would stock it, she successfully exceeded expectations. This marked the beginning of Jolen Creme Bleach’s retail presence.