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Lumeric B3 Hair Removal Cream (Peach)

Removes unwanted body hair. Infused with a fruity peach fragrance.

Best Of Nature And Science
When it comes to the quickest and easiest way to remove unwanted body hair at-home, hair removal creams are one of the best options. Hair removal creams available on the market may remove the hair effectively, but usually leave your skin feeling irritated. Many people complain about skin redness and intense burning sensation after using hair removal cream. Jolen New York Lumeric B3 Hair Removal Cream is formulated with the best of nature and science. The natural ingredients used in the cream not only gently remove the unwanted hair but also make sure your skin is rash-free after each depilation.
A Special Blend Of Carefully Chosen Ingredients - Licorice, Turmeric Extracts And Niacinamide
Unlike other harsh hair removal creams, our Lumeric B3 hair removal cream is made with carefully picked ingredients that are kind to the skin and get rid of unwanted hair with ease. Licorice and turmeric extracts bring out the natural shine of your skin and calm inflammation. Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) in the cream offers brightening benefits.
Added Benefit Of Sweet Almond Oil And Aloe Vera For Extra Skin Protection
Our special formula is infused with the goodness of sweet almond oil and aloe vera for extra nourishment and skin protection. The profound benefits of both ingredients help soothe the skin from irritation, prevent moisture loss, and deliver intense hydration.

A Vibrant Fruity Experience

Our hair removal cream comes with a delightful and fresh fruity fragrance of peach that conceals any undesirable odors during and after application.

Results in just under 5 minutes!

It glides smoothly on the skin and removes short and stubborn hair while working close to the root. It is simple to use in private at home and gives the desired results in just under 5 minutes.

Crafted Keeping All Skin Types In Mind

Formulated with protective ingredients, the Lumeric B3 hair removal cream is suitable for all skin types- be it sensitive, extremely dry, or oily.


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