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Advanced Liposoluble Crème Wax (White Chocolate)

Glides smoothly on the skin and removes unwanted body hair. Loaded with a delectable white chocolate aroma.

Advance Formulation
Majority of the Liposoluble waxes get rid of unwanted hair, but they might lend themselves to irritated skin and discomfort after waxing. Common side effects such as skin redness, rashes, bumps, or even skin peeling are major causes of concern for wax users. We recommend using Jolen New York Advanced Liposoluble Crème Wax. It is formulated with highest quality salon professional ingredients available. This wax eliminates the risk of any kind of skin inflammation and ensures a smooth and worry-free waxing experience.
With Calming Ingredient - Cotton Seed Oil
Traditional liposoluble waxes are made using vegetable oil; however, we use highly nourishing, natural, and soft Cotton Seed Oil in our waxes to minimize skin stretch during waxing. It also acts as a natural calming agent that helps retain moisture and nourishes the skin.
Indulging Experience
Our wax is loaded with a delectable white chocolate fragrance that relaxes your senses and makes waxing a very soothing experience. Definitely, it’s not your typical waxing session anymore!

Creamy - Perfect Formula

Made with a creamy-perfect formula, this wax glides smoothly on the skin and removes unwanted body hair with much ease, leaving behind only silky, soft, glowing skin. It also effectively reduces skin tanning to give brightening results.

Quick Heating Formula

We have purposely created a soft liposoluble wax that heats up substantially quicker than other traditional wax formulas. As a result, you will not experience any skin burn associated with other brands.

Suitable For All Skin Types

Our unique wax formula is suitable for all skin types- be confident using it on sensitive, oily, mature, or normal skin. We use the highest quality Bees Wax that acts as a skin protector, and Titanium Dioxide ensures a smooth, creamy application.


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